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How to Fill and Start Your ThermoSpas Hot Tub

How to Fill and Start Your ThermoSpas Hot Tub

Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in blog | Comments

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring is really here! If you were foolish enough to close down your hot tub for the winter months and missed enjoying the lovely winter season from your hot tub, you are probably anxious to get back into your spa now.

If you followed our winterizing procedures, then your spa should have been protected all winter long from damage and is now ready for Spring Start Up. Follow these simple steps to get your spa ready for the summer months ahead!

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3½ Reasons to Choose the VacuSeal for your next Hot Tub Cover

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in blog | Comments

What is the VacuSeal?

The VacuSeal is a patent pending, revolutionary Coverlifter and Cover with Canopy that outperforms any hot tub cover over on the market today.

What makes the VacuSeal the best?

1. Ease of use – The VacuSeal requires just one lifting motion to open or close the cover. When exiting the spa, simply grab the center handle of the cover and pull it closed as you exit. Simple and quick!

  • The pneumatically assisted lifting motion of the coverlifter does the hard work for you, making it virtually effortless to open and close the spa cover.
  • No more shifting the cover into place like traditional covers. The VacuSeal always sits perfectly on your spa and locks into place with one simple device.
  • Wind blown covers pose a safety hazard and cause loss of heat. To lock a traditional cover in place you need to close 4 latches on each corner of the spa. With the VacuSeal, there is only one latch to open and close.

2. Energy-Saving – The VacuSeal applies pressure on the cover when it’s in a closed position, creating a vacuum tight seal and locking in the heat, every time you close the cover. When you lift the cover, the pressure reverses, and opening the spa is effortless.

Did you know that the large space in the folded center of most cover lifters is considered to be the #1 area of heat loss on spas? The patent pending VacuSeal Cover is the only cover available that removes this trouble spot; thus making the VacuSeal a wise investment given the amount of money you will save on your energy bill. Not only will you save money, it will make you a greener hot tubber too.

The upward pressure of lifting the cover causes premature damage. See the example below of a traditional cover within just 6 months of use:

Traditional Hot Tub Cover

The VacuSeal technology reverses pressure when lifted, eliminating the traditional wear and tear and preserving the lifespan of your cover.

3. Attractiveness - For many, the hot tub is a part of their landscaping or deck design. No one wants their hot tub to be an eye-sore. An attractive cover can give your hot tub an immediate face-lift.

  • The lifting bar, made of galvanized steel not plastic, in encases in marine vinyl where most hot tub covers lave the bar exposed.
  • The attractive canopy adds a new look to your cover, while at the same time providing the convenience of protecting you from the sun, wind, and rain.
  • Without the normal wear and tear that traditional covers are subject to, your VacuSeal cover stays beautiful year after year.

3 1/2. Incredible Value – Right now the VacuSeal, normally priced at $849 is on sale for $699 from now until April 30th only. This offer is available to our Facebook fans and Newsletter subscribers. To take advantage of this offer now and redeem the coupon code – visit our Facebook page: We also have created an easy-to-follow installation video to make installing your new cover and lifter a breeze.

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Where were Hot Tubs 35 Years Ago?

Where were Hot Tubs 35 Years Ago?

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in blog, entertainment | Comments

“Hot Tubs Are In” according to Dan Oliver from NBS news 35 years ago today, on April 11th, 1978.

The news report covered the emerging hot tub trend that was moving from California to the east with a record number of spas being sold coast to coast.

Why were hot tubs so popular? Purely social, they concluded. Hot tubs are a place “where people can sit around and have good conversations, and get to know each other better.” It’s also noted that “acquaintances always come out of a hot tub better friends than they were when they went in.”

Check out the NBC News brief from April 11, 1978:

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35 years of research has concluded that hot tubs, though very ‘social’, also reduce stress, helps us sleep better, and provide other warm water therapy benefits that are greatly needed in the fast-paced and stressful world we live in today.

The modern hot tub movement did in fact start in California during the 1960′s, when creative hot tub enthusiasts were designing hot tubs out of oak wine barrels. It was even rumored somewhere that the first hot tub was conceived the  day a winemaker fell into a barrel of warm mulled wine during a wine tasting. (If wine and hot tubs is your thing – check out our last article on that subject here.)

Oak, as it turned out, wasn’t the best material for hot tubbing and manufacturers moved to redwood, then to fiberglass by the 1970′s.

By 1978 the trend had made its way to the east coast, as most Californian trends eventually do, and the rest is history.


Only 5 years after this report on the hot tub boom hitting the east coast, ThermoSpas opened it’s doors in Shelton, CT. The new hot tub company expanded so quickly that it grew out of two locations before settling into it’s current home – a 140,000 square foot warehouse plant on 14 acres in Wallingford, CT.

From there ThermoSpas went on to revolutionize the hot tub industry by redesigning many aspects of the modern hot tub from patented shell fabrication, to plumbing, manufacturing, and water testing technologies. These innovative redesigns are what helped to make ThermoSpas hot tubs the best and most reliable hot tubs in the world.

To learn more about ThermoSpas and it’s patented technologies, visit our website at or request a free DVD and brochure today.

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#1 Best Selling Hot Tub – Thermospas Concord

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in blog, entertainment, family, lifestyle hot tubs, romance | Comments


Therapy, entertainment or romance – the Concord Hot Tub is the perfect mid-size tub that “has it all”. The Concord accommodates couples, families and older adults.


Fitting up to 5 adults, the Concord’s features and size are what make this spa a favorite for many Thermospas owners. When you need more than than the personal therapy of The Gemini, but you aren’t ready yet for The Manhattan - the Concord is the perfect fit for you.

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